White Ergonomic Office Desks Can Help to Keep Your Employees Comfortable

White Ergonomic Office Desks Can Help to Keep Your Employees Comfortable

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Comfort at work should be a priority for you and your employees. After all, a happy employee will typically work better due to them being happier. If you want profits to increase and your business to perform better, then the comfort of your workers could be a key ingredient. 

So with that in mind we thought that today we would discuss the merits of using an ergonomic desk, and in particular our range that includes the stunning Maestro white ergonomic desk currently in stock. 

Did you know that more than half of UK workers are using the wrong type of office desk to suit them and the work that they perform? Their desk set-up could be leading to back problems, neck aches, and more health issues. 

By using a more ergonomic-shaped desk, you could help to reduce those issues and improve employee productivity in your office, and our white ergonomic office desk could be just the thing that you are looking for. We range two models in the white Maestro range, both of which you can see highlighted below. 

Maestro L-Shaped Ergonomic Corner Desk in White

One of our more popular models from the Maestro 25 PL range, the corner model comes with a ten-year warranty, different sizing options, as well as the ability to choose either right or left hand orientation – giving a true ergonomic feel. 

The white colour is increasingly popular in modern workplaces, and we have recently seen an upturn in sales of this white ergonomic desk with creative design studios and call centres. 

To explore this model please click the shop now link. 

Maestro Curved Wave Ergonomic White Office Desk 

Second up is the curved or wave model of the Maestro 25 PL desk in white. As with the corner model you can choose to either buy this version with a right of left hand orientation, and also purchase in various different width options. 

It also has a ten-year warranty, is built to last, and can also be supplemented with a pedestal set of drawers should you wish to add an additional storage solution. 

To explore this model please click the shop now link. 

What Do Desk Ergonomics Actually Mean Though? 

Our ergonomic office desks are designed with the human body in mind, and how we naturally use them when performing desk-based tasks during a day’s work. As you can imagine, it’s not natural to sit at a desk all day with our arms held out. Similarly looking down onto a computer screen from a forty-five-degree angle is also an un-natural position. 

The human body has evolved to be varied in the way it moves during the day; you should be looking at all angles consistently rather than holding your posture in a fixed position for hours on end. 

That’s why ergonomic desks are designed the way they are, as they encourage a more fluid daily movement, and elements can be placed to encourage posture changes during the day. 

Without this there is the very obvious risk that a computer or desk-bound worker could suffer from musculoskeletal disorders, poor posture, carpal tunnel syndrome, poor eye sight, and forward neck syndrome. 

What to Look for When Buying Ergonomic Office Desks? 

We are confident that the desks we have in stock catering for businesses looking for a more ergonomic requirement suited to their employee’s health needs will give you an excellent choice. 

When shopping for deals and discounts on ergonomic white office desks then here are some additional hints and tips to consider.

  • Think about your sitting position and how you want your arms to be positioned
  • Also have consider whether you should purchase an ergonomic chair
  • How will your keyboard be positioned on your new desk?
  • Perhaps a foot rest would also help with your sitting position? 

Make Sure You Sit Properly at Your Computer Desk 

Ultimately you want something that will be comfortable and fit for purpose. Once you have bought your new product from Kima Office Furniture, also look at the long-term strategy of sitting at the desk. 

Place the computer monitor directly in front of the worker to reduce neck twisting as repeated movements like this can cause pain. Make sure that the monitor is placed at the right height. 

The UK’s health and safety guidelines on correct and proper ways in which to sit at a computer desk is fantastic guide, and you can see some additional resources in the bullet points set-out below. 

Our Conclusion: The long-term health benefits of sitting correctly should be a serious consideration for any modern business. Part of your strategy for that must include ergonomic comfort considerations for your workers, and new office desks can really help and support with this types of initiatives. Explore our online store today to see how we can support you in those aims.