White Home Office Furniture Collections Now Available at Discounted Prices

White Home Office Furniture Collections Now Available at Discounted Prices

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Kima Office Furniture are the UK’s leading supplier of white home office furniture to the home-based business market, with a massive range of items on sale at discount prices. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service, free delivery to the UK, as well as always offering the lowest and cheapest prices on the highest quality desks, chairs, and drawers. 

To view the entire range, please click the link below, and that will take you into our latest deals on white home office furniture collections. 

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Reasons to Shop with Kima Office Furniture 

We started out as a home business ourselves, and so have a real insight into the needs and demands you have when kitting our your home office. Because we started out small, we have an on-going commitment to our home office customers, and want to provide an exceptional service on high quality desks, but at affordable prices. 

We understand that running a home business has very different demands and constraints, and so want to make your purchase as simple, as cheap, and as easy as possible. 

You might have a small home office, be using a shared space, or have a more dedicated working environment. Because there are so many different variables at play, we have developed a large collection of white home office furniture in various sizes, dimensions, and orientations designed to fit any requirement. 

When you browse our store you will be able to choose from straight-edged white office desks, more ergonomic designs with waves and curves, and short, or long desks to suit your workspace. We even often either left hand or right hand orientation on our ergonomic models depending on your personal preference. 

In addition to the wide variety on offer, we also offer free shipping to all addresses in the mainland UK area, including England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. That sets us apart from other online retailers, and when you combine with our low prices, it means you get the very best deal as a home office user in search of white desks, drawers, and chairs. 

White Home Office Furniture Collections: Recommended Items 

Below are just a few items that we recommend from our white collection. These have proved very popular with small businesses and home office users over the last 12 months. You don’t have to follow our recommendations though, as we have a massive range of sets to suit all types of home user, but here’s just a taster. 

Dams Maestro 25 Cantilever Leg SL Desk in White 

For users who want a traditional office desk design, then this cantilever model is an exceptional choice. It’s hard-wearing too, and is built to last with a ten year manufacturer guarantee. Comes in various widths and should suit most people looking for a white home office desk. Click on the product photo below to see the latest prices on this desk – shop now

Dams Maestro 25 PL Wave/Curved Desk in White 

This awesome white home office desk from our collection comes with a wave or curve. Many users like this as it offers a comfortable work space, that can be adapted for either a left hand or right hand orientation. As with all of our desks, we have the lowest online prices on this product. Click this link or on the product photo below to see the latest prices on this desk – shop now

Dams Maestro 25 PL Ergonomic Desk in White 

For a truly ergonomic feel, with a white office desk that will easily fit into the corner of your home office then you can’t go wrong with the Maestro 25 PL corner or ergonomic white office desk. You can choose from a variety of widths and select either a right hand or left hand side orientation. Click this link or on the product photo below to see the latest prices on this desk – shop now

Our Commitment to the Customer 

If you run a business from home, and would like to discuss our white home office furniture collections, or simply need some advice, then we would love to hear from you. We don’t differentiate between home office customers and large corporates when it comes to the level of support we offer – we just want you to get a great deal, great service, and ultimately a great piece of furniture that’s designed to last. 

With long-term guarantees on all items we sell, secure online shopping, free delivery, and low prices we are confident that we can give you whatever it is you need to set-up your home office today with stunning looking white furniture collections that are designed to last.