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White Mobile Pedestals Available Now at the Cheapest Prices

Part of our commitment to our customers, both current and in the future, is to offer the very best deals and discounts. As part of that promise we check the Internet every week to ensure that we are still the lowest on the market, and because of that have now launched the Maestro range of white mobile pedestals on our online store. 

At this moment in time we have two excellent models available, both of which are at rock-bottom promotional prices. They will fit underneath most desks, whether you have a home office, or work in a corporate premises. 

They are also fully compatible with the Maestro range of white office furniture that we range, and are the perfect accompaniment to the stunning desks that we sell. Both of the new pedestals in clean white colour can be seen below, and you can click the links to check the current best prices available. 

Maestro White Mobile Pedestal with 2 Drawers

This unit is ideal for those people and employees that have lots of paperwork to file due to the bottom drawer having a large depth able to accommodate standing A4 and foolscap files. It comes with a locking mechanism too so you can be sure your belongings are secure. 

To view the latest promotional prices on this model then please click here

Maestro White Mobile Pedestal with 3 Drawers 

Don’t need to stand up paperwork or files, but still want the great look of a Maestro pedestal? Then why not opt for the three drawers version which typically retails at the same low price of the two drawer unit. 

It fits neatly under your desk, and like it’s partner product has wheels enabling it to be moved around with ease, no matter what your requirement. View prices on this link here and add to your shopping cart. 

Reasons to Buy from Kima Office Furniture 

As a small and friendly family-run business we know how important it is for customers to trust us. Our store is fully secure, and we are also able to offer sales advice if you are unsure whether or not a product is suitable for you. 

We also offer discounts to businesses who wish to buy in bulk, so if you have a larger order and wish to discuss a better deal please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. 

For example, many customers will want to know the size and whether they will fit. Well, we've put this handy little graphic together to save you having to call us and here it is below.

Our ethos is about offering great customer service, with a smile, and when you add our low prices into the equation there really is no comparison when buying from Kima. We are building a reputation as one of the premier UK dealers of white office furniture to UK industry and believe that one happy customer will soon turn into more due to the recommendations that we receive. 

All of mobile pedestals and drawers are ideal for sitting underneath your desk, and are at discounted prices due to the relationships we have with the leading UK office furniture manufacturers.

Free Delivery and Sales Support 

We offer free delivery on all of our white office drawers and are always available to answer any questions that you might have before, during, and after purchase.

Take Advantage of the Low Prices Now

So don’t delay, pick up these amazing bargains whilst they are priced so low, and really take the look, feel, and functionality of your company’s office to the next level with the colour white – just like so many other customers are doing right now!

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