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White Modern Office Desk – Our Recommendation for 2017

For a modern and clean looking office desk, nothing quite beats our range of modern white office furniture we currently have on sale. We range a large selection of desks, all of which come with 10-year manufacturer guarantees as well as free shipping to mainland UK addresses.

In this blog post we have decided to take a closer look at one of our favourite white modern office desks, which comes from our popular Dams Maestro range. The Maestro 25 cantilever product is show-cased below, with links into where you can take advantage of the best online prices. 

Stunning Design, Affordable Prices

This is a stunning looking office desk. Designed and built in the UK, it is has a 25mm melamine worktop that can withstand even the toughest of working environments. We know how busy your office space can be, and that’s why it’s stain-resistant and heat-resistant. 

You can spill coffee on it, make marks, and can then easily wipe clean any debris, restoring this desk to its brilliant white colour. With a white frame and legs, it’s a really clean looking desk that creates a great impression for both clients and employees. 

Free Shipping to the UK

When you shop online with Kima Office Furniture you can take advantage of the free shipping option we offer, and choose from different variations on this model. 

White Desks with Drawers

For example, if you want a white modern office desk with drawers, then we have one model with a pedestal set into one side (you can position either left or right). For additional storage options it’s possible to choose a version with drawers on both sides

With one set of drawers - click to view prices

With drawers on both sides - click to view lowest best prices

Something More Simple?

You might not want drawers in your office desk, and that’s fine too, because we offer this model without a pedestal attached – and that option will come in at a cheaper price. Click the image below to view the prices on that particular model.

Click to view prices and specification

But What About a Corner Fit Desk?

If you want something that will fit in a corner of an office then we also have this model with a more ergonomic design. It’s great when put together as a set of four into a table cluster, but can also work very well in a confined space perhaps in a home office set into a corner. 

Modern corner desk for your office - click to view prices

Comes in a Left-Hand Model

What about left-handed users? A common complaint with modern white office desks is that the corner models are typically designed to suit right-handed workers. Worry no more, because we can offer a left-handed white corner desk too in this range. 

Modern left hand desk - click to view prices

Start Shopping Today

To select your particular orientation, whether left-handed or right-handed, you simply use the drop-down menus available on the product pages. It’s also possible to select your desk width when on the product page too. 

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