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White Office Desk with Storage – Ideas and Where to Buy UK

Having effective storage in your desk is a mainstay of any business, whether you are home user, or business customer. Thankfully there are now various different options available to UK consumers, many of which we have for sale on the Kima Office Furniture website (click here now to view current price promotions). 

In this blog post we reveal some of our latest deals for a white office desk with storage, plus some ideas on how you can get the most for your money when buying white office furniture online. 

If you decide to buy any of the following items from us then we are able to offer free shipping to mainland UK addresses, as well as having the cheapest online prices you will find. 

Maestro 25 PL Straight White Office Desk with 2 Drawer Storage 

Our first offering is the ultra-reliable Maestro 25 panel leg design from the leading UK manufacturer, Dams. We are able to offer prices on this desk below the RRP you will see on other websites, and recommend this product for any business looking for a sturdy and hard-wearing desk and storage solution. 

As you can see from the stock photo displayed below, the panel legs offer a discreet covering to the sides, with an additional modesty panel at the rear. We currently have different widths available to purchase, ranging from 1200mm wide up to 1800mm wide. 

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The clean and modern white design is complemented with a 25mm melamine work surface that is both stain and heat-resistant, making it perfect for daily use. 

You will also benefit from 2 cable ports and a 10 year warranty when buying from Kima Office Furniture. 

In terms of storage, the attached 2 drawer pedestal is lockable, keeping your belongings secure and safe, and it accepts foolscap and A4 file sizes. 

To view all current pricing options please click here to view prices

Maestro 25 PL Straight White Office Desk with 2 x 2 Drawer Storage 

Next up we have another white office desk in the Dams Maestro range, but this time with 2 drawer pedestal sets on either sides of the panel legs. This option offers un-paralleled storage options for those workers who generate a lot of paperwork, or where you simply have the desire for more room to store items. 

As with the sister product we have already featured, this also has a long-term guarantee, is lockable, plus is robust enough for the modern working environment. See what it looks like on the image below, which you can also click to explore pricing options and deals. 

Click to view the best price on Dams Maestro 25 PL desk

This white office desk with storage comes in two different widths, 1600mm and 1800mm. It’s wider than the single unit due to having two pedestals rather than one hence the wider options available. 

As with all our white office desks featuring storage drawers, these desks can be bought in multiple orders and put into blocks to offer collaborative working spaces. 

To get more details on this white desk with storage, please click here to view prices.

Maestro 25 PL Straight White Office Desk with 2 x 3 Drawer Storage 

Moving on with a slight variation on the previous desk, we again have a Maestro desk from Dams, but this time with the 2 pedestals on both sides, one of them has three drawers instead of two. 

The specification is exactly the same as the previous deal we have, and you can see the subtle different in how the drawers are arranged in the product photo below. 

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If you would like to see more regarding this white office desk including the full product specification, then please click here to view prices

Looking for Different Options?

The three recommendations above are purely our straight-edged models. We also feature ergonomic desks, corner desks, and curved desks - all with storage solutions. To see the entire range in white please click here.

Buy White Office Desks with Storage Drawers: How to Save 

At Kima Office Furniture we have an ethos that runs from top to bottom in our company, and that ethos is heavily focus on value for money coupled with customer satisfaction. As part of this commitment we price check on a weekly basis to ensure that we are truly the cheapest online retailer. 

You won’t find prices any cheaper, whether you shop for office furniture near you, or browse alternative office furniture websites. 

If you are buying in bulk to fit out your office premises then we might be able to discount our prices further than the low prices you already see published on our website. To see if you can qualify for a discount please contact us to arrange a bulk order deal. 

Are You a Charity?

We also offer incentives and heavy discounts to charities. When calling us please have your registered charity number ready before placing an order – we can give you a fantastic rock-bottom deal on any of the white office desks or other items that you see on our website today. 

Whilst we do encourage customers to shop around to find the best deal for them, we do our online price checking on a weekly basis. In the unlikely event that you do find cheaper desks with storage somewhere online please contact us so that we can beat that price for you.

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