White Office Furniture Sales Could Be a Sign of a UK Economic Recovery

White Office Furniture Sales Could Be a Sign of a UK Economic Recovery

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As you already know we are massive fans of white office furniture, and due to the sales that we make via our website we know that we aren’t the only ones! But what’s behind this trend for UK businesses buying white office desks?

We have recently read some online news where a business psychologist based in Bath has backed up what we always thought, and linked the rise in demand for this type of design to signs that the UK economy is recovering.

Chartered psychologist Caroline Gourlay was recorded as saying:

“Psychologically, white is associated with optimism and hope. White office furniture in particular tends to look futuristic and modern. Even when it has a retro 60s feel it still somehow points towards a brighter future."
“People tend to prefer traditional, familiar styles when they’re looking for security and reassurance so if there has been an upsurge in sales of more modern looking white furniture, it suggests optimism from business about the way the economy is going.”
I’d guess that those companies kitting themselves out in white furniture are anticipating a prosperous New Year.”


One of the UK’s leading retailers of white office furniture has even seen an 86% increase in sales for white office furniture with a massive surge in demand, similar to the levels we have seen on our own eCommerce website.

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