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White Office Pedestals Now on Sale at a Discount for UK Customers

We have been as busy as ever today at the Kima Office Furniture HQ. What have we been doing we hear you ask? Well, perhaps not, but we thought we would tell you anyway! 

Our marketing team has been putting together new pages and videos to help to promote our latest sale items, and you can browse through those new pages on the links shown below, and we would also like to tell you more about our white office pedestals which are currently on sale. 

<< Click here to view our latest white office pedestal range >>

White Office Pedestals - Best Online Prices

So first up, let’s take a closer look at a white office pedestal (best price in our store). As you can see from the images below we have some very nice looking items in stock right now, all of which have been price matched online to ensure you won’t find them cheaper elsewhere.

White Office Pedestals - click for best price deals

All of our mobile pedestals come with long manufacturer warranties, are fully lockable, and made from tough heat and stain resistant materials. They can either be set on coaster wheels, or be fixed into your desk, and complement our range of white office furniture currently on sale.

Some of our best-sellers at the moment come from the Dams Maestro range, and you don't necessarily have to purchase in the colour white, as we can also supply variation in oak, walnut, maple, and more. 

The pedestals come with either 2, 3, or 4 drawer units, and can accept foolscap and A4 standing paperwork files. You can select a product with deep or shallow drawers depending on your requirements. 

Many UK businesses are making the switch to white office furniture as it's a great looking clean and corporate image. It also works really well with modern tech such as the Apple brand of Macs and iPads - it just looks really good and stylish, plus creates a superb impression with clients or employees.

You can take advantage of free delivery on our stylish and modern office furniture, whether it’s for a large corporate environment or a smaller home office set-up.

New Pages Now Live on Website – Shop Now 

But what about the new pages and videos I hear you cry! Well, those two new pages are now live on our website and can be accessed via the clickable links shown below, so click those to get started shopping today for some great deals on white office furniture. 

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