White Wave Desk – Featured Office Desk of the Month on Sale

White Wave Desk – Featured Office Desk of the Month on Sale

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In a new monthly section, we will be publishing information about our desk of the month. This month it’s the superb Maestro 25 PL white wave office desk. It’s a great looking product that looks modern and clean, built to withstand the toughest of office environments. To find out why we recommend this particular unit, please read on. 

Desk of the Month for March 

For customers looking to buy a white desk with a more ergonomic feel, one of the best options to choose would be a white wave desk. We have a comprehensive collection available online, all which come with our free shipping promise. 

By far our best-selling item is the Maestro 25 PL white wave office desk which also comes with a long-term 10-year guarantee, offering the peace of mind you need when buying white furniture online in the UK - click now to see the full spec and low prices.

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What also sets this desk apart from the competition is that you can choose from a variety of widths in order to fit your office space. Widths start from 1200mm wide, through 1400mm, to 1600mm. 

You might also have a preference as to the orientation of your white wave desk, for example are you left or right-handed? No matter, because the Maestro 25 PL offers a choice of which side you wish the wave (or curve to appear on). 

If you are unsure about which side the wave should appear on, then our advice would be to have the wider side of the curve or wave to be where you use your mouse. To make things simple, if you use your mouse in your left hand then choose the left hand wave desk… and go with the opposite choice if you are right-handed. 

With clean and white coloured panel legs on either side, plus a modesty panel to the rear, this product is proving very popular in corporate environments as well as for small home office users. 

Why buy a curved desk such as this though? Well, in addition to this obvious ergonomic advantages that the wave offers, this style of desk also gives you additional workspace, without taking up as much floor space, as can be an issue with a crescent-shaped office desk. 

The waved style also offers an increased depth, giving you an impressive worktop on which to manage all of your computing equipment and paperwork where necessary. 

The wave element provides additional working space without consuming as much actual floor space as a crescent desk. 

This particular model can be purchased in bulk, and the desks you buy can then be arranged into clusters and collaborative working spaces as you can see from the image below. 

We are confident that you won’t find this white wave office desk cheaper anywhere else online, and if you do simply contact us so that we can beat the price for you. We are also able to offer a further discount to companies or businesses who wish to buy white wave desks in bulk.