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Why We Recommend Buying a White Office Furniture Set

Every day our team is looking for new office furniture solutions to bring to market via our website. Our customers are also constantly feeding back to us what they want from an office furniture supplier, and one item that has been mentioned a lot recently is a white office furniture set. 

The trend in white office furniture doesn’t seem to be going anywhere fast soon, as it’s something that we have mentioned heavily on our blog in the last month as you can see here, here, and also here

More and more businesses are adopting white colours in the workplace as they make a great change from the standard designs that were popular in previous decades. But what are the reasons for this trend to choose white office furniture sets over other styles and designs? 

We have our own opinions on this, and we’ve listed just a few reasons to buy below. You might not agree, but regardless, we think these points make a compelling argument to make the switch – if you are considering fitting these styles in your office space then why not see what offers we currently have in our online store. 

Can Make Your Room Look More Spacious 

What we really like about white office furniture is that is has a great visual appeal. These pieces and sets can actually make rooms and office look bigger than they actually are.

It’s just like at home when you paint the walls of a room white – it’s because they will look larger when compared to dark colours such as brown and grey. 

The size of your office might remain the same, but white office desks, tables, and chairs can really create the optical illusion of you having more room than you actually do. 

The Colour White Can Reduce Stress in the Workplace 

It’s an interesting concept, but white can often reduce stress. The colour is soothing and relaxing and won’t dampen the mood like dark colours will. 

If you run a demanding business, then choosing white furniture could be just the thing to take the edge of the hard working day. Your employees will probably really appreciate this switch so it’s a massive bonus that you should consider.

White Looks Clean and Modern 

White offices will look cleaner than ones with a dark décor. It could also lead to increased productivity according to numerous studies of the workplace and the psychology at play. 

If the office surroundings lend themselves to employees feeling better and fresher, then it stands to reason that you will get more work out of them as they will be happier. 

This is why you tend to see a lot of white space and furniture in many large corporations – think Facebook and Apple. They know the science behind this design approach and utilize it in their global locations. 

Our Conclusion: So with all that in mind what’s stopping you making an upgrade to your office? At Kima Office Furniture we are currently running promotions and sales on white bench desks and other furniture so hop on over to our store and make your selection.

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