White Office Furniture

Shop now for modern white office furniture collections. We have a wide range of desks, chairs, and tables for sale that you can order for your business or home office, with free shipping. Products are all manufactured in the UK and regularly checked to beat price matching. Can’t see what you’re after? Call us now on 0845 512 1393

Maestro 25 PL Wave / Curved Desk (White)
On Sale from £175.86 (+VAT) Regular price £259.00 (+VAT) Sale
Maestro 2 Drawer Mobile Pedestal (White)
Regular price £142.90 (+VAT)
Maestro 3 Drawer Mobile Pedestal (White)
Regular price £142.92 (+VAT)
Low price cheap Maestro tall pedestal drawers
Regular price £194.22 (+VAT)
Maestro 25 Cantilever Leg SL Straight Desk 600mm Deep (White)
On Sale from £146.16 (+VAT) Regular price £150.00 (+VAT) Sale

Office Furniture in White for All Workplaces

Please browse our large range, all of which are at heavily discounted prices and deals. We have both innovative and contemporary as well as more traditional pieces, so hope that you can find a collection to suit you your business’s needs.

All of the products you see listed here have been independently tested to meet quality standards set by the Furniture Industry Research Association (FIRA).

If you need help and support with installation and fitting of your white office furniture collections, then our team are more than happy to provide an additional quote

White Office Furniture for Sale

Every week we check online to make sure that our prices are the lowest possible available. When you shop online with us you have the peace of mind that you are paying heavily discounted prices on the very best UK brands and manufacturers.

White Modern Office Furniture

The modern white office furniture that we range includes some stunning and practical pieces including bench desks, corner desks, reception desks, contemporary and executive desks, office tables, chairs, seating, storage solutions, cabinets, pedestals, and all the additional accessories you would need to create the perfect modern office workplace environment.

The white office furniture on sale doesn’t just look and feel fantastic, but the ergonomic designs we feature also mean comfort and health considerations have been taken into account, which are all hallmarks of a contemporary modern office setting.

Our sales support team are on hand to give you any advice you might need on picking the best set-up or collection to suit your company’s needs, or even if you are furnishing a home office.

We have a committed team dedicated to customer service and we supply white office furniture sets from all kinds of businesses from small start-ups through to large corporations.

Whether you just want to make a quick singular one-off purchase, or need support from our planning and installation team for a larger order, we are only one phone call or email away – so get in touch today to find out how our modern office furniture products can really create an amazing impression in your office.

White Modular Office Furniture

Our white modular office furniture range is designed with just one thing in mind, and that’s simplicity. With clean lines and elegant form, our products offer a choice of classic tried and tested configurations from a single desk through to hundreds of workstations in a wide variety of sizes to fit.

It truly is the most effective office design solution for a growing business, no matter what the size. Modular office furniture gives you the flexibility to let your workspace expand, changes, and be re-sized when needed.

Our desks in particular really lend themselves well to modular design considerations as the legs can be shared between clusters, which not only look aesthetically pleasing but also save on space and cost (as well as effective cable management functionality).

You can view all of our modular office furniture in our white collections, so browse now to pick up some fantastic savings and don’t forget to get in touch with us should you need any help and support in choosing correctly.

White Wood Office Furniture

Our desks, cabinets, and other products are manufactured with a range of materials, so please see each individual product description to find out more. When we do use wood though (as we do with our office desks) then you can be assured that they are manufactured at state of the art UK facilities.

The production of high quality wooden panels that go into the furniture on display in our store all designed to comply with the latest European and British safety standards. We do sell very well priced white wood office furniture and because of that have a commitment to achieving continual improvement in our environmental performance and prevention of pollution.

To help to achieve this, we are able to offer a recycling solution for large office spaces, where we might be able to collect and recycle your old items. For more information on this please contact our support team who will be pleased to give you more information on this initiative.

Colour Variations Including Off White

Please note that all of the office furniture (white) that you see in these sets and collections are colour variations of other products we have elsewhere in our store. That means that when selecting what you want to buy, you could choose an alternative colour scheme should you wish.

We have tried as accurately as possible to depict the exact colour schemes when you shop online in our store, and where we have off white office furniture in stock, we will try to show that colour when you select your products.

Cost Effective Solutions to Suit Your Budget

At Kima we are serious about helping businesses around the UK kit out their office with high quality products that are built to last. For guarantees and warranties, please see each individual product as these can vary from item to item.

We want to give our customers the very best value for money, and because of that check on a weekly basis that we are offering the lowest and cheapest prices, best deals, and best available discounts or promotions.

Our online selection of white office furniture means all types of companies should be able to find a solution to suit them. From white office desks to meeting tables, desks, and more we should have a modern desk or chair to suit your needs.

By its nature, the colour white will look very modern and clean by design, so we recommend that when buying you also consider how you are going to compliment that colour scheme. With that in mind, you might want to also explore the other sections of our website for coloured chairs, accessories, or dividers so you don’t have all white – which can sometimes be quite over-whelming.

You might know exactly what you want and need for your office today, or you might be in need of some expert guidance. That’s why we have an open and transparent approach with all customers, and are always more than happy to help you in choosing the best products, be that desks, chairs, cabinets, reception desks, or accessories to suit your workplace.