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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Shipping & Delivery 

How long will it take for my office furniture to be delivered and arrive?

Once your order is received and processed on our website then the deliveries are scheduled to arrive within 7 working days. If you require your furniture sooner then sometimes we can speed up an order delivery, but you will need to contact us to arrange a quicker delivery. 

Do you really offer free shipping on all orders?

Yes, we do. Free shipping is applicable to all customers who reside in the UK mainland. If you are outside of the mainland in the Scotland Highland and Islands then we might have to make a small delivery charge. In cases such as this please contact us so we can detail the charges once we have your postal address. 

How can I chase up an order that I have made?

Please use the contact form on our contact page if in the unlikely event that your delivery is late. We also have an option to track your order which you can find on the shop navigation in the footer of the website. 

How much do you charge for delivery outside of UK mainland?

Nothing. Zero. Zilch. Part of commitment to customer satisfaction and reducing the costs your business has to spend on office furniture means that we offer free delivery to all addresses in mainland UK.

The only exception to this is UK addresses outside of the mainland, so for example Scotland Highland and Islands will incur a small charge. Please call us when ordering if this applies to you so we can calculate the applicable charges.  

Do you deliver abroad and to foreign addresses?

Currently we do not ship abroad, only to addresses inside of the United Kingdom.

 Do you offer next day delivery?

Yes we do, but there will be a small delivery charge incurred. Once you have ordered please contact us to arrange quicker delivery and we can put together a quote based on your order value and weight. 

Assembly & Fitting (Plus Clearance)

 Are you able to install the office furniture for me?

Yes, of course. That is no problem at all, but we will need to charge a fee in order to do so. When you order from us, drop us a line and we can prepare an installation quote for you.

Our professional installation team will even tidy up and remove any waste afterwards so you have the perfect office and can get straight to work. 

Do you charge for assembling, installing, and fitting furniture?

Unfortunately we do have to charge a small assembly fee. If you require our professional assembly team to fit and install your furniture then contact us after your order and we will prepare a small quote for you.

Can you take away my old office furniture or provide a clearance service?

Yes we can! We have been providing office clearance services for many years, and will happily do this for you. Just call our team today to find out more. 

Returns & Refunds Policy

What happens if I don’t like the furniture and want to return it?

We can only return items that are unopened and in their original packaging, once opened we cannot return unfortunately. Returns also must be requested within 14 days of receiving the item. If item is in original packaging, unopened and requested within the timescale, the return charge would be 25% off what you paid for the item. 

My delivery has arrived but a part is damaged or missing what shall I do?

This has yet to happen with any of our customers, but if it does rest assured we will be straight on the case. Simply contact us and explain the issue and one of our team will get a new part sent out immediately at no charge to you. 

Making an Order & Online Security

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, debit cards, as well as PayPal transactions. 

Can I make an order over the telephone?

Yes, in fact we welcome telephone orders as it gives our team an opportunity to get to know you as a customer. To make a telephone order call us and we will take care of the rest for you. Please note that we might have limited availability over the weekends though. 

What happens once I have made an order online?

When you pay online you will receive an order confirmation and receipt email containing everything that you need to know. You will receive a phone call from our delivery team to arrange a time and date suitable to you. Your packages will then be dispatched from the warehouse as quickly as possible to your postal address.  

Are my credit card and personal details safe when buying online?

They are. We use HTTPS encryption on our website, and the website itself is run on the Shopify platform which is one of the world's most trusted and widely used eCommerce solutions. We don't store your personal details and will never share your email data with any third parties.

What do you do with my email data?

If you choose to subscribe to our email marketing newsletters then we will never, ever, sell, or share that information with any third parties. We will occasionally email you promotions and news from our company. That's it. 

Reasons to Buy From Kima

Who am I buying my office furniture from?

The Kima Office Furniture website is a family-run business led by James at the long-established Three Counties Office Furniture company based in Dorset, UK. We are a small team with a heavy focus on customer service and satisfaction. If you want to know a little bit more about us then please read the About Us page which has some additional details.

Is buying online from Kima safe and secure?

Yes. We use HTTPS encryption on our website, and the website itself is run on the Shopify platform which is one of the world's most trusted and widely used eCommerce solutions. We don't store your personal details and will never share your email data with any third parties. 

I have found the product cheaper elsewhere; will you beat that price?

We would love to beat that price and will go beyond a price match! In the unlikely event of finding office furniture cheaper online with another retailer please email us and we will prepare a better quote for you.

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